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Bishop Gene Robinson: ‘God Believes in Love’

In 2003, Gene Robinson, a bishop in the New Hampshire diocese of the Episcopal Church, became the first openly gay Anglican bishop. After 10 years with the New Hampshire diocese, Bishop Robinson will retire in January.

He reflects on the difficulties he faced growing up as a gay man in the religious community and explains the motive for his book saying, “I’m attempting in this book, in some sense, to give a script to those people who want to support us…When heterosexual people join us we will really make progress in terms of our laws, and in terms of the treatment of LGBT people.”

“We need acceptance; we need to put away the hate.  LoveWorks and will help us to build stronger relationships”.

Callie Crossley spoke with Gene Robinson on Boston Public Radio about his new book, “God Believes in Love: Straight Talk about Gay Marriage.” Catch him at the Harvard Book Store on 9/21 at 6 P.M.


Hillary Returns To New Hampshire, With A Different Feel

Hillary Clinton is back in New Hampshire, now an official candidate there fighting for changes with global warming and other weather related topics.

And with one of the main complaints against her being the idea she’s a joyless candidate, she’s recently been on a quest to appear more spontaneous, maybe even fun.

As Adam Reilly (@reillyadam) tells us, what the New York times called the re-re-re-introducing of Hillary Clinton, might be working.


University Of Missouri, Judy Collins & Hillary Returns To NH

A university president resigns. Was it because Black Lives Matter or because football matters? ACLU Attorney Carl Williams (@carltonwilliams), Lasell College Professor Jesse Tauriac and Civil Liberties Litigator Harvey Silverglate (@HASilverglate) discuss. 

Singer/songwriter Judy Collins (@TheJudyCollins) talks about her latest album and her personal struggles, including the suicide of her son. 

And Hillary Clinton returns to New Hampshire, this time with a little different feel.

Don’t Look Now: Fall Seasons Fast Approaching

A little of this and a little of that . . . It’s coming. And fast. Does it seem like the summer is slip-sliding away at a quickening pace? The CAA’s Football Media Day is set for Tuesday in Baltimore. It’s one of the early signs that the 2015-2016 school year and all sorts of UNH athletics seasons will soon be here.